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    Buy paintings from carefully selected artists by Art Earth. For more information regarding viewing or if you are interested in visiting artist in his/her studio please contact us.
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    View portfolios by print makers. In our portfolio you will find prints where fantasy and technology overlaying each other in practice and theories.
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painting Prestigious paintings available from emerging artists. +


original art

photography With the creative vision of the photographer as artist. +


fine art photography

image Fine art prints on canvas or paper, framed, stretched. +


limited editions

Anton Psak

Anton Psak

My recent paintings take a critical view of feelings from my perception of my life experience and represent lost moments, memories or murmurs expressing what it is to be alive.

They play with the history and relevance of painting itself – representation, technique, abstraction, fantasy and realism.


Marie Kleiberova

I was born in the Czech Republic and having completed my studies I am currently based in London. In my contemporary studio practice I use medium of print, photography and digital imaging.

In printing I use techniques of mono-prints and screen-prints. All my images come from photographs which I took on my walks in nature.

Meeting our aims

Meeting our aims

Art Earth intends to create a defined space within the exhibitions in which we will invite participation from the visitors. Participants are invited to move physically, intellectually and emotionally as individuals and collectively within the space.

This challenge should allow our visitors to participate, to focus, to develop and subvert their individual, group and community identities.

Art Earth


Art Earth is an innovative gallery concept for ambitious artists working in all the artistic disciplines.

We provide a platform with exhibitions and mentoring opportunities, so that artists and their artworks can be introduced to collectors, other galleries, art critics and businesses.

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art fair An art fair shows the work of artists. +
fresh blood ‘Fresh Blood’ brings together innovative and recognized artists +
exhibition Promoting a cultural discourse +
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Pre-existing mental content

As an artist, you may have regularly come across difficulties in dealing with agents or galleries, who are only interested in sales success...

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Events, The Artist’s Studio, E-commerce, Sale

Art Earth provides a range of different events where artists have the opportunity to showcase and sell their art works. You can meet critics...

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General and Fundamental problems

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Guidance and Mentoring


Our in house experts are able to help with guidance and mentoring in professional personal development, depending on your specific requirements.

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